Concussion Awareness Policy

Concussion Awareness Policy 

Parent and player concussion awareness education

All SYB participants and parents are encouraged to read and understand the Center for Disease Controls "Parent Fact Sheet" which is distributed to all players at the beginning of the season. Fact sheet can also be found on line at: 

Coach and SYB board member concussion awareness education

All SYB coaches, assistant coaches and board members will complete the Center for Disease Controls "HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Coaches On Line Concussion Training Course" and provide SYB with a copy of their certificate of completion prior to any coaching activity. Parents and players are invited to take this informative course also. The course can be accessed on the CDC site on line at: 

Suspected Concussion Player Removal Rule

Any SYB player who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, loss of balance) shall be immediately removed from the game or practice as an injured player (the “Removed Player”). Any player removed from a game or practice for this reason shall not return to the SYB sponsored activity from which he or she was removed

Return to Play Rule

Before returning to any SYB game or practice the Removed Player must obtain and provide to his or her coach a clearance to play note from a physician. The coach shall provide a copy of the physician’s clearance note to the designated member of the Board of Directors.

*Updated October 19th, 2015