Refund Policy
Refunds of registration fees will be issued to players who decide not to participate after registering up until the time that player team assignments are made. No refunds will be issued once a player has been placed on a team.

Refunds will be credited to the card that was originally used to register.

The following is an overview of the Revenue and Expense items for the SYB programs. It is meant only as an overview and does not contain detailed breakdowns.

Fee Structure

Clinic $85.00
Town $140.00
Travel $350.00
Town & Travel $400.00
Senior $140.00

As a non-profit organization, SYB operates its yearly budget to cover costs with a targeted safety cushion of 5%. The budget is not intended to make money. In recent years SYB began tracking expenses by divisions (Clinic, Town, Travel and Senior) so that division fees could be fairly assessed. We determined that the Travel program had been subsidized by other divisions, and was consistently losing money, with 2007-2008 season topping at -17%. Our goals are to cover costs with a 5% safety cushion; maintain or augment the present level of services we provide; and make the divisions self-sufficient. In this regard we have determined fees can remain the same this year.

Revenue and Expense Breakdown


Registration Fees 93% of total
Sponsorships 7% of total


All program costs:

Equipment (basketballs, first aid supplies, scorebooks, scoreboards, storage)
Referees (patched referees at every game)
Custodial Fees (all weekend games, all schools are in use during the season)
Clothing (team & coach’s shirts)
Miscellaneous Overhead (website, online Registration, flyers, advertising, handbooks)
Stoneham High School Scholarships and Facility Donations (scoreboards, gym restoration)

Travel only costs:

League Fees ranging from $200-$250 per team
Tournaments (one per year) at costs ranging from $275-$350 per team, per tournament
Player Skills Clinics
Travel Coaches Clinics