Stoneham Youth Basketball: Rules & Regulations

2019-2020 Town League Rules and Regulations



Every player must play a minimum of four (4) playing segments. Every player must play a minimum of 2 playing segments and a maximum of 3 playing segments per half unless a team has 6 players or less.  No player can play more than 1 playing segment more than any other player (total for the game, including overtime segments).

Any coach or assistant that does not follow these guidelines will be subject to a review by the SYB Board of Directors to determine what disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including forfeiture of the game. 

Playing Time 8 Segment Breakdown: 




·         5 PLAY  4 SEGMENTS





·              2 PLAY 5 SEGMENTS



·         2 PLAY 6 SEGMENTS





Each team will be allowed to protect a maximum of two players. They must be the son, daughter, or guardian of the head coach and assistant coach.   

With input from the Coaches, these players will be rated and placed in the appropriate draft position by the Division Coordinator and Board of Directors. 


A team that loses a player for three consecutive games due to injury, illness, or withdrawal from the league, must notify the Board of Directors of the loss of that player. The Board of Directors will attempt to equalize the situation by adding a player to that team from any waiting list if available or by elevating a clinic player in the case of the high school division. 


Any player arriving after the start of the 2nd playing segment of the game will not be allowed to participate in that game. Coaches are not allowed to agree to let a player participate and overrule this SYB rule.  


A. Prior to the start of the season, the Board of Directors must approve all coaches and assistant coaches. All coaches will be subject to a review by the Board of Directors at the conclusion of each season. If the Board determines that any coach or assistant has not participated or acted in good faith, or reinforced sportsmanship, the Board will then make a decision as to whether or not the coach or assistant will be allowed to return for next season.

B. All coaches and assistants must fill out a complete CORI to be processed through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board before being allowed to coach.

C. Each coach or assistant must submit a team roster to the official score book before the start of each game.

D. All coaches and assistants must be present 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. (To warm-up their team, fill out official score book, secure a timekeeper / scorekeeper and complete all other duties necessary to assure an orderly and timely start to all games.)

E. The HOME team coach is responsible for providing a scorekeeper.  The VISITING team coach is responsible for the timekeeper. 

F. All coaches or assistants will be required to maintain a playing segment sheet for all players while the game is in progress. An official Segment Sheet will be kept at the scorer's table. 

G.  Each Coach must submit evidence of concussion training.


A. Official High School Basketball Rules and Regulations will be observed unless otherwise noted.

B. Games in all Divisions will consist of 8, four minute (stop time) playing segments. (This means that the clock stops every time the referee blows the whistle, or for any other infraction that stops play.)

C. Thirty-seconds will be allowed between each playing segment for player substitution, and four minutes allowed at half time.

D. Overtime periods will consist of a 3-minute playing segment (stop time). There will be one time out allowed per overtime segment per team. In the event of a second overtime segment, Players who did not participate in the first must play in the second overtime.

E. Teams are allowed 3 time outs per game. A maximum of 2 can be used per half. Only the team in possession of the ball may call a time out.

F. Zone defenses will be allowed in the Pro/Senior Divisions only.

G. Three point shots will be allowed in the Pro/Senior Division only.

H. Full Court Press is allowed in the Pro/Senior Divisions unless the 6th grade participates on the Pro Division.    If the 6th grade participates in the Pro division,   full court presses are not allowed until 1 minute remains in each half, or until 1 minute remains in any overtime period.    If you are up by 15 points, no pressing.


I. Five personal fouls and a player will foul out of the game. The substitute (picked by the opposing coach) replacing the fouled out player will not be charged for having played in that segment.

J. Seven team fouls in any half of play results in a "One and One" situation. The tenth foul in any half results in 2 foul shots.

K. If a team has less than 5 players, a game can be delayed 5 minutes to allow a full team of 5 players to arrive. Failure to start a game with five players will result in a forfeiture of the team causing the delay.

L. The HOME team has the advantage of putting their team on the court last. Once your team has been put on the court you cannot make a change.

M. Only coaches will be allowed to question the referee on an interpretation of the rules. There will be no questioning of a judgment call made by a referee.

N. Free substitutions are not allowed.

O. The ball must advance over the half court line in 10 seconds.

P. Only coaches and players that are participants in the game are allowed in the bench area.

Q. All team members and coaches must stay in the appropriate areas designated on the court, while the game is in progress.

R. Once a game has started, it may be played with less than 5 players on a team. These games will count as official games and all rules will apply during these games. Teams do not have to reduce players to match opponents playing with less than 5.

S. All shirts must be tucked in when on the court.

T. There is to be no defacing of the uniforms.  Anyone violating this rule will not be allowed to play until a proper uniform is obtained. 


A. Teams in the Boys College Division will use a men’s basketball, Boys High School Division and Girls College Division will use a 28.5 size basketball, the Girls High School Division and Boys and Girls Clinic will use a 27.0 size basketball. Rims will be at 10 feet as they are in all other divisions with the exception of the Clinic which will be lowered to 9 feet. Note 1:   9 foot rims will be considered if a high school division includes 2nd graders or in the girls high school division if approved by the division coordinator.   Note 2:  Town finals will be played at 10 feet for all divisions as Stoneham High School does not have the ability to move the rims to 9 feet.

B. On each possession, the defense must retreat to the half court line in the College Division and the white line in the High School Division to allow the offensive team the ability to advance the ball past that point. Once the ball is past that point, defense can cover anywhere on the court for the remainder of that possession.

C. Full court presses are not allowed until 1 minute remains in each half, or until 1 minute remains in any overtime period.   If you are up by 15 points, no pressing.

D. Zone Defense will not be allowed in High School or College Divisions. The first infraction of this rule will result in a warning; the second and all subsequent violations will result in a technical foul. Man to man help defense will be allowed inside the foul line extended.

E. A 5 second lane violation will be enforced inside the key for the high school and 3 seconds for the college division.

F. In the High School Division, the foul line will be moved 1 foot closer to the basket. This is to encourage proper shooting technique. No violation will be assessed to the shooter for crossing the line on the foul shot; however the shooter cannot get the rebound. Lane violations will be observed and enforced.   

G.  For the College and Pro divisions, the shooter cannot cross the line on a foul shot.   However, if the Girls College division contains fourth graders in the division, the Girls college division will be allowed to jump over the line. 


At the discretion of the referee, the game will stop when a player is injured. The coach, SYB board member on duty, or parents / guardian if present, will evaluate an injured player. An injured player may return to a game only after he or she has been evaluated and approved for re-entry. The substitute replacing the injured player will not be charged with having played in that segment. The opposing coach will select the replacement player. The 2 coaches will speak privately to determine the substitute. If cleared, the injured player may replace the substitute in the same segment at the next whistle.

Any player missing a game, or any part of a game, or practice, for medical reasons may be required, at the Board's discretion, to provide written documentation from a doctor stating that the player may resume SYB activities 


All game related grievances must be submitted to the Board of Directors, in writing and to the care of the President. The Executive Board will review the matter and decide on what, if any action will be taken. 


If a coach feels it is necessary to discipline a player by removing him/her from a game (examples: not listening, out of control), the disciplining coach will select the player he will use to substitute. The coach will advise the Board member on duty of the situation. 


Any interpretation of league rules during actual games will be decided by a majority of the Board of Directors present in the gym at that time. 


No coach or player will use profanity or will attempt to embarrass a referee during a game. This type of behavior will be brought to the attention of the Executive Board.

Any unnecessary roughness or harassment of an official, opposing coach, or player will result in an automatic ejection from the game and a one game suspension for the next scheduled game.

Any fighting will result in a technical foul, immediate ejection from the game and a one game suspension

Any player or coach being assessed one conduct related technical foul will be issued a warning. The next conduct related technical foul, either in the current game or a future game will result in a one game suspension, the next game. Any player or coach issued a third conduct related technical foul will be expelled from the league. All conduct related technical fouls will be subject to review by the Board of Directors. All conduct related technical fouls may be appealed to the Board of Directors. 



There will be games when there is a clearly superior team. The winning coach is expected to display fairness by not “running up the score”. This is a perfect time to make sure everyone on the winning team scores a basket or players are tried at different positions such as point guard. Players should be encouraged to pass the ball or work on their “weak hand” instead of trying to score more points.

There is no need for any team to win by more than 20 points. If your team is leading by 10 or more points, please pull off the press as it can result in extreme frustration for the losing players and coaches.

14. IABBO RULES – If you are unable to find a rule interpretation above please refer to the IABBO rules.


*Updated November 12th, 2015